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How I Started Crafting

When I was a kid I was really creative. I painted a lot, I made clothes for my Barbie dolls, I made little magazines, recorded my own little “radio program” and things like that. But then for many years I forgot about being creative. I even thought that I wasn’t creative any more. But then in december 2012 I saw a creative challenge going around on facebook and I decided to join in. The challenge was that I, during 2013, would get something made by one person, something they would create for me. In return I would then create something for five people who then would create something for five people etc. A pass it forward kind of thing. I ended up making six things because the person who I accepted the challenge from asked if I could make something for her as well. Although she didn’t actually end up completing the challenge herself because it is now almost 2015 and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Oh well.

But nevermind that, what I got from this challenge was even better, I rediscovered my passion for crafts and creating! During 2013 I experimented with all kinds of techniques and materials and found a few things I really liked working with. My absolute favorite is Hama beads, which is why I have a blog specifically dedicated to my Hama bead projects. So now I’m back on the creative train and I love it!